The Ballad of Dr. Vegas

It started as a joke, really

"You go to Vegas so often," one of my classmates said to me in grad school. "Why don't you do your research there, and you can make it a business trip?"

Not a bad idea!

I approached my PhD adviser hesitantly, over donuts. "I think I want to do my dissertation about Las Vegas," I said. "Come back to me when you have an actual research question," she told me.

No one lives in Las Vegas...

On one of my trips to Las Vegas, the flight attendant made an unusual announcement when we landed at McCarran Airport. "Welcome to Las Vegas," she said cheerfully. "Have fun and we'll see you on the way home!"

...but of course they do

As someone who had previously been studying nonprofit organizations, I found this intriguing. Of course people lived in Las Vegas, and that meant the town must have had a lot of nonprofits, too. What must it be like to work for one of them?

Becoming Dr. Vegas

And so I asked them. My dissertation,  later published as a book, looked at the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the casino industry in Las Vegas. I've continued to do research on the city I find to be both fascinating historically and fun to visit. If you want to nerd out with more of my Las Vegas research, you can click here.

The evolution of Dr. Vegas

In 2017, I took a break from my full-time job as a college professor to work full time as a travel blogger and travel-agent-in-training. I love giving people advice to help them have a great trip to Vegas, and that's what this site is all about!